The Rapid Fire Episode

“Things don’t happen, we make them happen.”

“When you work on your craft at an obsessive level, the money will open up.”

“Nice things are cool but feelings are the only things that are real. “

“If you learn to be self sufficient, you learn to be the master of your own mind.”

“There just needs to be less talking and more doing.”

“Life is a game and you are going to be down on your ass more than you are standing there with your chest up.”


  • Welcome Back: 2:00
  • How Do You Deal With Drama: 4:50
  • Pay Yourself Last: 8:15
  • Capitalizing On Flow: 12:35
  • Definition Of Insanity: 16:30
  • Ultimate Belief: 18:30
  • Read, Write and Reflect: 20:45
  • How To Handle Favors: 24:10
  • Chasing The Money: 25:55
  • Need Motivation?: 28:00
  • What Is Your Truth?: 30:00
  • The Truth Is The Way: 37:20
  • Struggling With Motivation: 40:00
  • You Need To Help You: 47:00
  • Slap Yourself Into A Routine: 59:20
  • Assume Makes An Ass Out Of U and ME:  1:04:05
  • Work When No One Is Watching: 1:06:20
  • How To Make Success Happen: 1:10:20
  • Go Pro In Your Passion: 1:12:50
  • Lost Art Of Service: 1:16:35
  • Career Back Up Plan: 1:22:05
  • How To Be The Most Effective You: 1:25:35
  • No One Has The Right To Judge You: 1:28:10
  • Don’t Let The Doubt Creep In: 1:31:55
  • Closing Remarks: 1:34:20


There are no positive benefits to drama or people who bring it around you. It must be shut down immediately. People need to develop a level of sensitivity with drama. If there is no positive benefit for you then why bring it around? If you are around someone that brings drama to you more than once, that person will never not bring you drama and you should avoid that person.

If you are trying to build something you must pay yourself last because it is impossible for an organization to grow when you have slaves working around you. Everyone needs to eat. If you create a crew of people who are doing well and incentivized by what you are paying them then you will grow a better business and ultimately make more money for yourself in the long run. That is not to say you should over pay them. If you over pay it makes people think they have a bigger position than they do and everyone should know their place in a business.

When things are rolling and you have momentum, do not stop them. If you are working on a project and just grooving on it you can’t stop it. Momentum is a real thing. You can see it in sports and it certainly is prevalent in business. Momentum is a group of people, or yourself dialing into a mental space that I higher than normal. It is something you can feel when you have it. It is not tangible but you know when it is there.

People are afraid of change but if you do not like your current situation then you need to make changes. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. People love to say they are going to X or Y but their actions do not measure up.

Having ultimate belief is believing that no matter what the task is, no matter who is standing in your way, you are going to crush it. Now, there are times where you do not crush it but you must continue to believe. Don’t be cocky but know what you have inside of you and operate like you are someone serious. Confidence or belief are the ultimate keys.

Reading something, writing something and reflecting daily will put you in a better all around space mentally. When you read you bring in knowledge. When you write and reflect you are adding to yourself. When you reflect you give yourself a chance to step away from your ego and examine your life from a different, objective point of view.

Avoid favors at all costs because when you do favors there is an unstated expectation that that other person know owes you something. In any good partnership, expectations should be laid out up front. Favors are okay to do but understand that it is your choice to give and don’t expect anything in return. Do not ask other people for favors because you cannot control what they may want from you in the future.

Chasing the money is a marathon that doesn’t end. It is like you are running a race that you though was a certain distance but once you got the finish line you weren’t even halfway there. You will never get to it. You must do things for purpose and things that you know will add value. A good deal or business is when both sides win. You cannot just set up a business because you think it will make money. Chase impact, money follows.

How much time are spending each day breaking yourself down? The only way you are going to move yourself up is if you focus on you. When we focus on outside things we are taking our responsibility off of ourselves. Create your own opportunities. Your situation can always be improved. You need to start DOING things.

What really mattes in life is your impact on other people. The businesses are nice and of course everyone wants to do well in their work but having a positive impact on others is unparalleled. If you become obsessed with making an impact and improving circumstances then their truly is no ceiling. Nice things are cool but feelings are the only things that are real.

The truth is always the answer for everything. We try to anticipate what other people are going to think and we adapt who we are to fit that. Who you are is who you are. You should never change that because of what someone else may think. You never need to think about what to say if you are being honest. People may not love what you say but it needs to come out and be said with respect. Why waste time beating around the bush and suppressing it then having it come out in a fucked up way.

There is a baseline that we should all try to ride, never getting too high or too low. If you are feeling low for a period of time, then you must have strategies in place to help get you back to that baseline. If you do not have a modus operandi for how to bring yourself back up it is far too easy to stay down. It could be reading, it could be creating some space.

We all try to rely on the people around us when things are going bad but sometimes we don’t have the luxury of having someone to reach out to. If we feel that we cannot reach out to others we can feel like a loser but when you become self sufficient you become the master of your own mind. You can go get advice if you need it but you should be able to help yourself. Personal development is something that helps with this and unfortunately those who engage in personal development is such a small percentage of the population.

Even if you are traveling or things are going on in your life, do not steer yourself from a routine. Regardless if you are tired, you will feel better in the long run. The routine enables you to be the most efficient. Everyone has a routine, some people’s are intentional while others are not. “When you are rushing like a stupid fuck, you are going to perform like a stupid fuck.” Give yourself time in the morning to get your mind primed to attack the day. You need to warm up your brain the same way you would warm up your body prior to a workout.

Assumptions are a great way to defeat yourself before you even start. Someone on the ground level of a company could have a good idea but fail to bring it up to management because they assume they are not in a position where their opinion would be valued or they assume the idea will be ripped apart by the partners.

You should not do work only for the sake of people seeing you work. The same goes for the way we treat people. We should treat people with respect and courtesy regardless of people watching. We have a tendency to be on our best behavior when we know people are watching.

To make success happen you must find your driver. You must become obsessed with the process. Find your lane or your entry point and create an opportunity. You do not wait for anyone to give you anything and you absolutely destroy it. When you are seen as a destroyer of opportunity, people want to work with you.

People can make money in anything but it is impossible to be successful in life if you are not waking up each morning, looking forward to what you do. It doesn’t matter what it is. Do what makes you happy and if you are not excited about something then do not do it. When we tie ourselves to money we write off things that could bring us joy. You are always an idiot until you are not. So don’t care if people think what you want to do is stupid.

Service should be the most important thing to any business. Proper service is instrumental in building anything. You always want to over deliver and provide a personal touch. Make part of your culture having the best service out there and you will become known for that.

Worst case scenario if we lose our job or our business any one of us can go get a job at Home Depot or something and begin at base level. Then if you are determined you can move up the ladder fairly quickly. Do not feel that you are above any job if the sky falls and you must continue your earnings. You always control how far you can climb in any organization.

Being your most effective self comes from knowing what you want. If you know what you want then you know where to go and if you know where to go then you know what to do. If you are not sure what you want or are not ready to commit to it then you are just going to sputter. We have a problem where people love to say what they want. Identifying your skills and weaknesses is key to being your most effective. If you need to do something that is a weakness for you, finding someone who can come in and compliment your weaknesses.

If you are not being disrespected then you have no right to judge a single person. If you feel the need to judge someone else, you should take a hard look inside.

People shoot themselves in the foot before they get started because they are afraid of failure, they do not have the ultimate belief or confidence that they can rally themselves and make something happen. When you are able to execute on the strategies discussed in this episode, the doubt will not creep in.


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