Are You A Paper Clip, Magnifying Glass, Teddy Bear Or A Slinky?

“If you understand people’s personalities and how they make decisions, you will understand the capacity at which they function.”

“Just because you are in charge does not mean you are the best at everything.”

“Empowering people is passing on your gifts.”

“Let the numbers make the decisions.”

“Namaste motherfucker.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:30
  • Pillars/Classification Of Leadership: 4:30
  • Dividing Tasks Based On A Team’s Classification: 10:30
  • Using This To Scale A Business: 20:30
  • Operating In More Than One Classification: 33:30
  • Benefits of a SWOT Analysis: 48:40
  • Being Entrepreneurial vs Being A Businessman: 55:10
  • Maurice & John’s Yoga Dates: 1:14:40
  • Our Classifications: 1:23:10
  • Closing Comments: 1:30:25


The Four Types Of People: 

  • Paper Clip: People who need to read everything, have all the information in black and white format before prior to making a decision.
  • Magnifying Glass: Person who also reads a lot but must investigate things to the third degree. Reading is not enough for them.
  • Teddy Bear: Relationship person. Makes decision based on the relationship they have with people. For example, if Cory or John tell Maurice something is a good idea he will trust them without much further research because of his relationship with them.
  • Slinky: Artistic, thinking outside the box, functioning in their own space type of person.

In order to run a team effectively you need at least two people who will coexist and balance each other out. A paper clip person may need a teddy bear person to level off and make sure there is a beneficial dichotomy.

From having this understanding you can divide tasks appropriately to people who are going to excel at that task given their style and capacity. It is all about knowing where your capacity begins and ends as well has how to identify people who will be a good fit for any given task. Understanding this about yourself can help you figure out your own capacity. It develops a level of self awareness and helps you scale any sort of business because you can find the appropriate people.

Sales is an order of operations. Navigating a path where you know you can never hit a wall. Always directing the conversation in a place where you want it to go. Asking a question is comparable to reading a defense in football. The more questions you ask, the more information you gather about which direction you should go.

As you grow a business you must be able to build people around you because if you do not empower them then the business will live and die on your shoulders alone. There are no successful, sustainable businesses that do not have smart and talented leaders then a bunch of mindless minions running around doing admin tasks. The bigger and better your business becomes, the more high level people you need to have in your organization. Bringing better people into an organization makes you better so stop worrying about whether not some new hot shot is going to take your job and worry about doing your job. Let the numbers do the talking. Numbers are the scorecard in all businesses. There is no arguing with the numbers. The numbers do not have a dog in the fight. They are just produced by the work you put in.

SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Get your team together and list out what each of these are. You can address the things that are weighing down your company and it again feeds into the numbers.

You start out entrepreneurial but end up as a businessman. The entrepreneurial aspects are the creativity, the immediate action and just going when you say go but in order to scale you must be able to break down the business, make things a little more formal and of course empower the people that work with you.

You can make a lot of money while operating at a very suboptimal level so do not think you are above holding a meeting and breaking down your business. Get out of the egotistical space where you feel like you need to have the final word 100% of the time. Everyone has something they can teach you.


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