Maintaining Creativity & Real Estate Investing Round Table

“The entrepreneur is the guy who brings the idea with the will to make it happen.”

“The first thing I tell women when I meet them is, ‘I’m an ex drug addict and I play video games.”

“Being a kid is just staying in the spirit of creativity.”

“Invest in what made you.”

“If I go and settle for something else, I am denying myself and not living my dream.”

“Stop putting a price tag on things that will fulfill you.”

Episode Index:

  • Welcome Back: 1:50
  • Maurice Teaches Cory & John About SWOT Analysis: 3:50
  • Keeping Your Creativity: 9:20
  • The World of E-Sports: 23:20
  • Maurice Is Looking To Buy A New House: 30:50
  • Leaving Things For The Next Generation: 39:50
  • Making Decisions Conservatively vs Out Of Fear: 55:50
  • Employ Your Money: 1:02:50
  • Giving Back To Community: 1:09:50
  • Creative Decorating and Branding: 1:17:50
  • Fending Off Forces That Prevent Creativity: 1:24:00
  • Closing Remarks: 1:30:20


Key Takeaways:

SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Completing an analysis weekly helps to make decisions more objective. It gives a list of actionable items as well as form appropriate goals.

We are naturally born with unsuppressed creativity. Unfortunately, as we grow our society suppresses this creativity. We have more and more people telling us what we can and cannot do. The schooling system does not foster entrepreneurship. It fosters the drone mentality. It puts you on the conveyer belt to do one thing and put you in a box. You cannot let other people stifle your creativity. Nine times out of ten the reason they are saying what you do is not cool, is because they are not good enough to do it themselves or they are too self-conscious to even try.

The video game business is three times the size of the movie business. E-sports is the fastest growing sport in the world. They will fill up arenas with people watching two teams of 7 play against each other in a video game. The smart venture capital money is going into E-sports. There are players who have base salaries of over 10 million dollars.

Maurice is looking to buy a new house and is battling with the idea of whether you want to settle for something or work more to make something work. If you envision yourself in a nicer place and you know you are on a mission, nothing is stopping you then you should never settle.

Whenever you make a decision everything needs to be an easy yes. Assets should always be paying for liabilities so you never have to think about whether something is going to be a stretch financially.

Stretching yourself a little when you are buying homes as an investment can be overwhelming even if you are financially secure enough to handle it. It is a huge responsibility but as you gain experience you come to find solutions easier. If we are able to pull our emotions out of it and take action objectively we are able to successfully invest continually.

Money provides a sense of stability and having that money on the sidelines is comfortable but it is stupid comfort because it is not making any money for you. Watching the savings go up is a nice feeling but it is not the best use of money. If you have cash on the sidelines, it is not in investments it is not fixed assets then it is doing you harm. It is not about how much money you have in the bank, it is about how much money you have coming in.

The most important word in the English language is “why?” We should all be seeking a true answer to that question for any action.

Early on Cory recognized that people around him never felt that fulfilled. Everything looked difficult. As he thought about it he noticed that it was probably because everyone was unhappy with what they were doing. He put his own mind the path to do something that he wanted to do because he knew that if he found something he loved the work would be easier. Wanting things to be different enabled him to not worry about what anyone else said or did because he knew he wanted something different.


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