Impactful Movies & Why You Should Never Settle

“They can predict prison sentences based on third grade reading level.”

“There are a lot of people making money off you being naïve.”

 “As you get older, you feel very uncomfortable when you feel like you need to lie to somebody.”

“There is nothing more freeing than owning your own life.”

 “I need my dreams to be easy an easy yes.”

“You want more? Do more.”


  • Welcome Back: 1:35
  • Movies That Impacted John: 4:35
  • Change In Perspective: 9:50
  • Lessons From Rocky: 22:55
  • The 13th – Societal Disadvantages: 29:15
  • The Fog Of War: 50:00
  • The World Of Steroids: 58:35
  • Do Not Settle: 1:17:55
  • Closing Comments: 1:27:35


The List:

  • There Will Be Blood
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • The Fog Of War
  • 13th
  • Boyz N The Hood
  • Menace To Society
  • Rocky
  • The Karate Kid
  • Bigger Stronger Faster

“There Will Be Blood” is one of John’s favorite and most impactful movies. It is about a person who was out drilling for oil and eventually found some. He then became a ruthless, irrational monster to those around him and he began to believe that his business was the be all end all. It goes to show that when you set out to achieve goals your life can be thrown way out of balance and essentially die while you are alive. You can miss the whole point of life if you place all of your focus on your business.

“Boyz n The Hood” showed Maurice how perspectives and people can change over time. Growing up Maurice recognized people in the movie that he associated with. When you are young, everyone wants to be the bad ass, tough guy. No one wanted to be the kid with the responsible father who makes the safe choice. However, as Maurice has grown older he has noticed how much his perspective has changed over the years. He no longer looks up to the most hard core thug but rather the person in the movies who is the voice of reason.

“Rocky” was able to change culture. He was the undersized, hard working, grinder. It instilled the underdog mentality of always having to work harder to beat the person who was more talented. Cory was able to identify with it and use it to stoke the fire that was already growing within him.

Andy Dufrane in “Shawshank Redemption” demonstrated incredible patience and planning. Everything he did was calculated to achieve his goal and no one else knew what his goal was. He never felt the need to brag about how smart his plan was nor did he allow himself to stray from the course.

“13th” goes in depth on how the 13th amendment allowed African Americans to be treated as a slave if they are a ward of the state. It dives into how black people are commoditized and can be put at a disadvantage because of the system. The roots of problems that are around today are rooted from things that happened years and years ago. Even though we strive for equality, there is an inherent difference in the way the system treats different people. Through watching this documentary we all can gain an understanding of what really happens to people who go through the system. They are not all terrible people but the system tends to put them in a vicious cycle that keeps throwing them back into the system. This goes deeper than race. Poor people of all races become commoditized

“The Fog Of War” explains the narrative that we are told versus what is actually going on when we go to combat. When you begin to remove the fog that we are fed as citizens it is terrifying. Ignorance can be bliss because when you understand the reality of why we go to war and what that actually means, the true brutality of it is enough to make the average person sick. The American people needed a knee jerk reaction to the attack of 9/11 so the government created this fog to justify the war that began in Iraq.

“Bigger, Stronger, Faster” is a brilliant documentary that dives into the truth about the fitness industry and how people hide the fact that they are taking steroids. Everyone promotes that with hard work and you can look like them but they don’t tell you the missing piece. This documentary sheds a light on the truth about the industry. The biggest issue is not that people take steroids, but rather the fact that people mislead and lie to the public. They set false expectations for people and can lead people to feel poorly about themselves because they are doing the workouts, taking the supplements but don’t look like the guy in the magazine.

Your dreams should be easy yeses. If you want more, do not think about how you can scale back, think about how you can increase your bottom line. How can you grow to make what you want an easy yes? That is where you need to put your focus.


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