How To Sell Yourself & Influence People

“You will never be able to maximize your business if you don’t understand culture.”

“You are selling yourself every day because it is all about what have you done for me lately”

“If it feels the same, it will yield the same.”

“You can’t argue results.”

“When you are trying to win big, your name doesn’t need to be on the building. You can win from just being around.”

“The long game is the only way you can truly get respect.”


  • Welcome Back: 2:10
  • Why You Must Sell Yourself: 5:10
  • How To Sell Yourself: 10:50
  • Building Systems: 24:10
  • Staying Entrepreneurial While Building A Business: 35:40
  • Influencing People: 43:30
  • Pick Up The Check: 51:10
  • A Debacle With Reebok: 1:01:10
  • Don’t Be A Dickhead In Traffic: 1:11:50
  • Closing Remarks: 1:14:30


When you walk out of the door every day you are selling yourself. You are selling an idea of yourself, the idea of who you are, what you are about etc. Then as you move up in the business world you must have a strategy for how you are going to sell yourself to potential partners and clients. Sell that you are loyal, reliable and respectful. Until you are able to successfully do this you will not be able to build allies. Always have an understanding of who you are speaking with and what they look for in people. Always play the long game when it comes to building relationships. You are selling yourself constantly, every day.

In order to sell yourself to someone who is higher up on the totem pole than yourself, you must first understand the score. Look them in the eye and be prepared to listen. Do not be in a hurry to talk. People who are accomplished love to talk and will tell you everything you need to know about how to operate around them if you just shut up and listen. Wait for them to ask about you and then it is your time to say the things that will let them see your value. Look people in the eye, speak with confidence and shake hands. If you have an upbeat, optimistic or energetic attitude people will want to be around you as well. Foster an attractive personality and a level of humility. Let it be known that no job is beneath you. Show that you are willing to do grunt work to get your foot in the door.

Build yourself in such a way that you become a highly reliable organization. Exemplify the characteristics that will make people want to be around you. Everyone wants a person in their organization who they can depend on who makes the higher up’s life easier.

When you put systems into your life, your work becomes easier. Having people around you whom you trust to get things done enables you the ability to define a system, implement it and this optimizes your work life. As a person in that system, you can demonstrate your own efficiencies and move up the food chain.

In building a company you start out entrepreneurial but eventually the creativity and work ethic is not enough to sustain a business. You need begin to operate more like a typical business rather than a start up.

Society breeds an egocentric nature. You can actually humble yourself and achieve massive success through just being around the right people and contributing in your role. You don’t need to have your name on the building.

There are key strategies for influencing people especially those who have achieved more than you. You must always play the long game. Make the other person comfortable with you. When you meet someone do not immediately go into a pitch. Rather gradually sell yourself to them over time. Those who are successful always have people trying to pitch them so bring something different! Be patient and don’t expect them to immediately be willing to help you.

If you have the opportunity to go to dinner or coffee or anything like that with someone of importance, pick up the check. Those who have achieved a certain status are so used to paying for everything that when you disrupt that you become memorable in a good way. You establish yourself as someone who does not expect anything from them. You indirectly state that you are here to bring value and you don’t expect them to take care of you.

Becoming comfortable with the way things are and not wanting anything to be shaken up is a quick path to the bottom. You can be the big man on campus for awhile but if you become comfortable and are unwilling to explore new strategies you will eventually crumble because you shut out new ideas. The existence becomes about protecting their salary and only playing defense.

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