The Importance Of Defining Relationships

“Nobody comes into the office with the origin purpose to make friends. You are their to make money.”

“I’m not a believer in small talk until the numbers say it is time for small talk.”

“People see his money, but no one sees his trial & error.”

“I don’t want to kiss anybody’s ass to get money.”


  • Welcome Back: 2:10
  • Structuring Business Relationships: 4:10
  • Making The Most of Your Time In The Office: 20:10
  • Why You Need To Define Relationships: 26:55
  • The Distractions That Come With Money: 41:10
  • Don’t Wait For A Handout: 56:40
  • How The Supplement “System” Works: 1:01:40
  • Maurice’s “Black Facts”: 1:10:10
  • Closing Remarks: 1:15:40



In a business every person should have a defined role. If one person begins being used in multiple sectors of the business then they can get in the way of the individual who is assigned to that position.

Friendships in business or in an office are an absolute luxury. The goal is to make money. It is not mandatory that everyone gets along. If you are hitting your goals for the business then maybe you can get to the small talk. It comes down to the fact that everyone is replaceable. If you can recognize that, you will work with a little more vigor and urgency.

It is helpful to over communicate what is expected of each person. In addition, if you are “friends” with your co-workers you should define when you are speaking as friends versus business people.

If the numbers are not where they need to be there is no time for fun and games toward the end of the day. This is disrespectful to the business. If you crush it all day and the numbers reflect it then there is time for a laugh at the end of the day but until then, get back to work. A study showed that people who work 8 hour days they actually do about an hour and a half of work per day and spend the rest of the day messing around.

When you are trying to build a next level business, it takes a supreme level of focus. People who have shit going on care about their time and how the time is being spent. When it comes down to it, are you focused on what you are supposed to be? If not and the boss comes down hard on you don’t act surprised because you thought he was your friend. You aren’t friends. He is depending on you to execute and you are not putting forth the necessary effort.

As a business owner you have the mentality of “nothing is going to stop me.” Then if one of your employees begins polluting the water that is feeding your business that individual is hindering the company. You must set the expectations for this person so they understand exactly what is expected from them. Otherwise, your business is at the mercy of someone who is not invested in it’s success.

Defining relationships builds accountability. Clearly defining problems and ensuring everyone knows what problems fall under their duties.

When you get money new distractions arise. Everyone with money deals with three things regularly, you hear everyone’s sad story, you hear about everyone’s ‘great’ ideas, and you get people asking you for donations. Not to say this is all bad but the input becomes so much that it can take focus from what gave you the money in the first place. It takes the ability to say “No” more often in order to keep your focus.

Many people fail to take responsibility. They wait on other people to give them a handout or donation. Put yourself in a position where you do not need to kiss anyone’s ass to make money. Find a way to do it on your own.


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