Identifying Opportunity

“Real opportunities are so hard to come by”

“You did just tell the guy’s mom to fuck herself but I think we can just act like it didn’t happen…”

“When you see an opportunity, you have qualified yourself to put in work.”

“Opportunity is not delivered to you, it is created by you”

“To seize an opportunity you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Wanting it, in this game is ALL IN.” Continue reading Identifying Opportunity

The Disruption Of Sports Media

“Culture is the King”

“Any time you can get people to look forward to what you will do next, you are winning”

“They don’t know what competition is. Competition is no fuckin rules, I’m gonna beat you.”

“Number 1, I don’t respect you motherfuckers that lie to consumers.”

“The test booster… now thats a conversation between my girlfriend and I” Continue reading The Disruption Of Sports Media

From Listener To Entrepreneur

“At the end of the day, the way the world works is… SHOW ME SOMETHING.”

“Stop talking and start doing.”

“Once you get to a level where you don’t need any help, everyone wants to help you”

“Its all about creating momentum”

“If the communication stays good, with our skillsets together, we can dominate”

“People get hung up on wanting credit and credit, you can’t take to the fucking bank” Continue reading From Listener To Entrepreneur

Maintaining Mental Balance

“Keep that mild mannered confidence”

“You can always measure a good and a bad day against a goal”

“If you truly understand why something happens it will help you to repeat it or prevent it.”

“If you say ‘why hasn’t this thing blown up?’ You’re fucked.”

“Expectations always need to based on reality and reality is an incremental growth process.”

“Remember if you want to succeed in this game you have to be a survivor and you have to fight to survive” Continue reading Maintaining Mental Balance

The Importance of Acquisition

“My holiday was like my life. An absolute, beautiful mess.” “They’re looking at the 1 customer when we are looking at the 20 who are connected” “I woke up and our volume was 30x what it normally was.” “Basically people can pack it in from now until the first of the year and you just can’t let that happen” EPISODE INDEX: Welcome Back/Holiday Recap: 00:30 … Continue reading The Importance of Acquisition

Thanksgiving Stories & Brand Reflection

“These are the most important people in your life and these are stories that you are going to remember.”

“In today’s culture you can be scrolling through Instagram for an hour and miss spending time with your grandparents.”

“This is 30 years in the making. This is family. ”

“You have to take your branding ultra serious.”

“You guys should think outside the box when you’re gonna start doing stuff” Continue reading Thanksgiving Stories & Brand Reflection

Our Business Development Years & Stories

“I never thought that I knew more but I did know that I had to pay attention” “I did way more listening and way less talking” “Fuck everybody. Just do it.” “MP was doing 7 figures and I was still in the gym training clients everyday until noon.” “Well, DOING is how you get a paycheck.” EPISODE INDEX: Welcome Back: 00:30 Listen and Observe: 2:00 … Continue reading Our Business Development Years & Stories