Ego + Gym = Tear

“The only person who cares about how much weight you can lift, is you.”


The combination of ego and the gym can be a dangerous one for many people. When you let ego take over it is easy to get carried away. We tend to neglect warming up correctly and using proper form. This isa recipe for disaster and will certainly lead to injury. Maybe not the first time but get in a habit of doing this and you can develop some serious problems.

Two things can lead to increased risk of injury in the gym. First, you are more susceptible to injury when you are dehydrated because dehydration causes your tendons to become brittle. In turn when you attempt to lift something heavy under these conditions it is likely to cause damage to the tendons. The second is EGO. Ego tells you, you can disregard form because the weight “feels light” that day. Hydration and form are mandatory. Your ego is the enemy, which will tell you those two things are unnecessary. Keep your ego out of the gym. Unless you can move the weight up and down with proper form, DO NOT EVEN TRY IT.