Freestyle Thinking


When life throws these new challenges at you there is always some level of growth that can happen if you allow it. Reflection on those around you is fine but the only reflection that really changes anything is reflection on oneself. Through introspection you can look into your past and notice where you could have been better and maybe realize that a particular situation wasn’t as it had seemed. Through the power of hindsight we can examine these scenarios and come up with a plan to better deal with them in the future. Our own thoughts and behavior are the only things we can truly control. Taking the time for serious introspection is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. By opening our eyes to our own weaknesses we can begin to work on them. This acknowledgment of our own faults is also valuable for helping us remain humble and caring as we go through life. We all should strive to improve daily. Whether you succeed or not on a given day is irrelevant. The consistent reminder and focus on self-improvement will force you to net growth.