It’s Harder Than You Think


Running a 7+ figure business is not what most people think it is. Neither is getting the opportunity to work with people who operate on that level. It takes far more time and effort than most people want to believe.

When you set your intentions for truly what you want, you must be able to adapt, move and spend more time than you previously thought was going to be necessary. If you are attempting to ingratiate yourself to someone like Cory or John so you can work with them you can’t get “butt hurt” when they don’t pay attention to you at first. The idea that these high level entrepreneurs are in the club popping bottles all the time is a total facade.

You have to understand that it is way more difficult and time consuming than you can imagine, until you are in the midst of it. In order to stay motivated when times are tough, visualize yourself taking over the role you want. Even if at times you feel like you aren’t ready, trust that you will be ready because of the experience you are gaining now. You must operate with confidence and have trust in your ability to step up when you have to. So many people are paralyzed by the idea that they might mess up or it may not be perfect. You just have to do it.

In order to assume the role in business and life that you see for yourself, you must be constantly pushing yourself to evolve. You cannot be worried about clocking in and clocking out because that is not the way it is, it’s 24/7.