Mind Your Own F*cking Business


We all need to mind our own business. When you use our energy to worry about someone else, you detract from your ability to focus on what you need to do. You also begin to pass judgement on others, which is something no one has the right to do. Passing judgement will only negatively impact you and those around you. When you actually mind your own business you gain the ability to have laser focus on yourself. When you shut your mouth and focus on you, all of a sudden you start to accomplish things. This is when breakthroughs happen and you move to the next level. Once you start focusing on your mission you come to realize how damaging the previous way of thinking and acting truly was. Humble yourself. Realize that you don’t have the right to judge anyone else, just like no one has the right to judge you. When you make a clean break from judging others, shit starts to fall in line. Your human interactions that used to involve passing judgement on others become teaching moments where you can help those around you see the benefits of minding your own f*cking business.