Read, Write, Reflect

“Make it like you are in School, but you’re in school for YOU. Not for them.”

“I try to read or listen to something that is going to make me smarter everyday”

Reading, writing, and reflecting daily can help you stay focused on your goals. Reading or listening to audio helps to expand your mind. This is your opportunity to study something you are truly passionate about.

Write something everyday, whether it is a daily journal, blog or notes on what you are trying to learn be sure to take a little time each day to write. This enables you to better remember the content you consume and share what you are learning with others.

Reflect each day on how blessed you are to have the opportunity to pursue something you are passionate about. Even if currently you do not enjoy what you do, know that you can at any moment begin pursuing something you love. Everyone has something in their life to be thankful for. By taking the time to think about these things we gain a better appreciation for everything around us.