Successful Thought Process

Key Takeaways

Creativity is the difference between those who perpetually chase success and those who achieve then sustain it. Most people’s job requires them to receive a task and then their objective is to simply cross that item off their list. This stifles creativity. The focus is on getting it done as fast as possible rather than coming up with new, creative ways to execute at a higher level.

Entrepreneurs and great thinkers don’t think about getting things done, they know they are going to get things done, rather they think about HOW they will get them done. They aren’t looking to simply cross an item off their list. They want to execute their task in a way that the world has never seen before. Their result may not always work or be the best, but when you take this approach to everything you do then it is only a matter of time until you do something that is revolutionary in your field.

Are you a person who looks at work related tasks as a check box or a person who looks at these tasks as an opportunity to change the game?