The Do’s and Dont’s of Business Communication


A business partnership is a relationship in which you vow to trust them, hear their opinions and an understanding that all business decisions are made and influenced by the selected partners. Outside influence is fine when you are beta testing to determine whether the idea is any good but once your business is up and running those outsiders do not and cannot understand the intricacies of your business. One cannot allow an outside influence to impact the game plan the partners agree upon.

In order for a partnership to be successful, all decisions must be made by all the partners. It is not appropriate for one partner’s significant other to submit their opinions and have those opinions impact business decisions. Outside opinions are great and they should be brought to partners in a format that can create discussion and dialogue. The danger lies when outside opinions carry so much weight that it is able to disrupt the business. If you see this is occurring you must address it and determine how to move forward.

A successful partnership with clear communication is the most effective tool in business.