Don’t Stop Competing

Cory explains how it is easy to forget how fortunate he is to still be able to compete after so many years in the game. Setting up competitions and having a date on the calendar for your goals helps maintain motivation, create content and keep focused. Through competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting consistently he is able to stay focused on his goals in fitness as well business. When you begin to put focus and motivation toward one aspect of your life it is amazing to see it flow over into others as well. The constant competition improves the quality of content because of him being a true practitioner, it adds a level of validity, credibility and straight up realness to everything that is put out.

Many people never compete again after high school. Everyone needs to be pushed to grow and competition provides that. No matter the skill level, especially in powerlifting you are competing against yourself. That is what truly matters. That you are pushing yourself to be better than you were before. Compete in something, no matter what it is. Find something fun and competitive to push yourself. Don’t let that aspect of your life fall by the wayside after high school or college.