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Cory Gregory is serial fitness entrepreneur, leader in the nutrition industry and a top training expert. As a way to save money for college, Cory worked as an underground coal miner until he opened his first gym at the age of 20. Quickly, Cory earned the reputation as an industry expert in both personal training and nutrition, and now co-owns the famous Old School Gym outside of Columbus, Ohio. Cory Co-Founded one of the fastest growing sport nutrition brands ever created, Musclepharm. Most recently, Cory has developed an online programming & nutrition site at, and Co Founded a new fast growing Sports Nutrition brand called with John Fosco.

Cory has competed in more than 30 powerlifting competitions, with his best lifts including a 550 squat and 575 deadlift at a bodyweight of 198 pounds, and a 540 squat and deadlift at a bodyweight of 181 pounds. Cory has also competed in 14 drug-free bodybuilding events and has graced the cover of 12 fitness magazines. He has his exercise specialist certificate from Columbus State, but is also a certified NESTA nutrition coach, is certified by Westside Barbell and holds a Cross Fit level 1 trainer certificate. On top of these accolades, Cory was recently was added to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fitness advisory board. Learning from and being mentored by some of the biggest names in training and nutrition including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Philips, Louie Simmons, Dr. Eric Serrano, Dr. Mauro DiPasquale and John Broz, has allowed Cory to reach the level of success he has to this point.


John Fosco is a self taught serial entrepreneur.  His approach to business and deal making is rooted in  human psychology and the “chess game” that is a constant in all business environments.  He started his career in business at 19 years old working for a 300 million dollar+ chain of fitness clubs.  Within 5 months he became the companies highest grossing salesman which opened up the door for him to become the youngest general and then regional manager(s) in the companies history at the age of 20. From there John ventured out on his own, founding MMA Stop at the age of 21.  MMAstop was an online retailer of all things mixed martial arts/combat sports.  John sold that business and went on to create the largest Sports marketing agency in the UFC space. He was responsible for bringing the UFC large portions of marketing budgets from big corporate names like, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Activision & many others.  In addition his agency represented some of the UFC’s biggest stars like UFC champion Dominick Cruz, future hall of famer Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, the infamous “Diaz brothers” and many other stars of the sport.  John sold this business in 2015.  During the time period he was growing and managing the growth of his sports marketing juggernaut, he also started a record label with world renowned hip hop producers focused on EDM (electronic dance music), started and sold a combat sports equipment company and built up a Real Estate holding company that he co-manages with his brother to this day.  Today John is co-owner of Max Effort Muscle, a disruptive direct to consumer nutrition brand which is currently growing 100% month over month.  He is also 1 of the 2 hosts of one of the most downloaded entrepreneurial podcasts “business and biceps” which is owned by Activ8 Media, a Media and e-products company he co-owns.  The list of accolades doesn’t stop there as John is also a best-selling author, having co-wrote Entrepreneur or Wantpreneur which reached #1 on the ITunes business charts.




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