Conquering Fear

“I don’t believe in fear, I believe fear is purely a choice”

“Fear exists if you choose to give your attention to it.”

“The guy who doesn’t care has the most power”

“This is nothing more than the world cleansing you of things that you don’t need as you move forward.”

“Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.”

“You become a distraction to yourself when you worry about problems.”

“If a motherfucker can build an iPhone then I have to be able to accomplish this…”

“It is human nature to not want to do the things that are tough.” Continue reading Conquering Fear

Who You Are vs. What You Do

“What you do is not who you are”

“Self education is so important. None of us would be here if we didn’t do it”

We are taught to lead with accomplishments but we should lead with who we are.”

“You have to be willing to walk away and be okay with that.”

“If you were too good to do something then you wouldn’t be in a position to have to fuckin do it.”

“If you are in a position that you think you are too good for, the joke is on you”

“You gotta do what you love and you can’t be scared of what mommy and daddy are gonna think.”

“Things don’t happen, we create them.” Continue reading Who You Are vs. What You Do

Entrepreneurship & Life w/ Chris “Drama” Pfaff

“What I did know was that was opportunity and it was a greater opportunity than opening a skateboard store”

“I learned so much from shutting up, knowing my role and watching him and the people around me.”

“I realized that I can accomplish things because these people aren’t that different from me.”

“You gotta know what you don’t know.” 

“The way to have a successful business is to have a brand that means something”

“Everyone has those times where they question themselves. It’s not all just rainbows and ponies. Shit happens.” Continue reading Entrepreneurship & Life w/ Chris “Drama” Pfaff

Finding Your Mental Toughness

“Verbalize it first because if you do, then you can understand what that situation did for you.”

“These things that throttle your life, can make you a killer later in life.”

“If you don’t understand yourself, there is no way you will be able to effectively communicate and work with others.”

“So many people fail to realize that the mental stuff is what limits them. Its not anything physical. Its all in your mind.”

“Confrontation in entrepreneurial life is mandatory. Do not be afraid of it.”

“In your life, you are in control of everything. If you don’t believe that then motherfucker, check your head!”

“Whenever you try to forgive someone, you’re winning.” Continue reading Finding Your Mental Toughness

The Art of Building Relationships

“When you are young and in a company, you have to be quietly selfish.” “Until you are somebody, no one has time for you” “Ultimately, when you have an opportunity to speak with people who can change the course of your career, always lead with knowledge” “If you don’t do business with us, you’re insane.” “You have to make bold statements because people on the … Continue reading The Art of Building Relationships

The Meathead Millionaire – Mark Bell

“The smartest people are those who look for employees or partners who are smarter than them.”

“When you go through adversity of that level, you arrive at a different level of clarity”

“Oftentimes when you find your path it is spawned by these awful, brutal, vicious moments.”

“I’ve never cared about money. The only time I ever cared about money was when I was at the ATM and saw ‘Insufficient Funds’.”

“Its been a really slow crawl. Its been a very slow progression”

“The best things that happen in life take time to develop. They don’t happen out of nowhere”

“Its not about money. Its about putting points on the scoreboard. Its about recognition. Its fabout expanding and providing.” Continue reading The Meathead Millionaire – Mark Bell

We Went To College Thursday… 4Real

“I don’t know any business guys that crush it that lead with ‘I have an MBA’.”

“This is gonna be hard, its going to be cutthroat at times, you gotta be creative, you have to make great decisions on the fly”

“Why the fuck are you in entrepreneurship if you want to go out and get a job?”

“We risk our ass every day, we could sink or sail everyday”

“Oh you want to start a business? Get ready to curl up in a ball and cry.”

“You can know everything about every class but if you have failed to develop yourself, you will not be able to interact with people. You will not be effective and you will not succeed.”

“A textbook has knowledge but a text book will never run a fucking company.”

“If there is a class where a professor says the class is over when the questions run out, then that professor is a fuckin pussy.” Continue reading We Went To College Thursday… 4Real

Open Q&A With Success Minded Millennials

“This happens for a reason, I got nothing to fuckin lose, lets just roll the dice and go.”

“Lift up your fucking head, you morons.”

“You can have a great idea, you can be motivated for a short period of time but shit fuckin changes.”

“Effort doesn’t get you shit. Execution gets you everything.”

“Luck is where preparation meets timing.”

“The smartest people extract knowledge from others” Continue reading Open Q&A With Success Minded Millennials

How To Develop A Bulletproof Mindset

“When you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like a chore” “The layman’s definition of anxiety would be, ask your subconscious a question it cannot answer” “The culture of the age perpetuates honesty as weakness” “The purest form of motivation is love what you do in the moment you’re doing it.” “Putting absolutes on uncontrollable outcomes is so dangerous.” “Learning is important because its … Continue reading How To Develop A Bulletproof Mindset

OSU National Championship Head Coach Joins B&B

“While you’re running, also read” I am devastated right now, but if this is the worst thing that happens to me in my life then I am a blessed man.”  “God knew I would be here way before I knew I would be here” “It is so hard to quiet your mind until you are in place of pain” “Make up your mind and then … Continue reading OSU National Championship Head Coach Joins B&B