Business, Sports and Their Numerous Parallels

“The business must be bigger than the personality.” “I’ve made a lot of money not giving a fuck about shine.” “If I went and bought an Aston Martin tomorrow I would feel cool for two weeks, then I would just be driving a car.” “That is the visual embodiment of a guy who says ‘I wanna be the boss. I’m not so I’m going to … Continue reading Business, Sports and Their Numerous Parallels

Personal Initiative: Mandatory

There are two types of people who never get far in life. Those who cannot do what they are told and those who can do only what they are told.  “You must push yourself every day at an expectation level that is above everyone else.” “Personal Initiative is just getting off your motherfuckin ass everyday and getting it.” “I’m tired of people talking about what … Continue reading Personal Initiative: Mandatory

Beware Of Fake F*cks

“You wanna know the secret to success? Get ready to go to the metaphorical ER a million times. You are going to get your ass beaten so many times and you must keep getting up.”

“Everything you won’t do that someone else will, is your loss, bitch.”

“Humility is the beginning of all understanding.”

“If you are not searching out your weaknesses and are only propping up strengths then you are a weak motherfucker.”

“Do the shit that makes you happy, then monetize it.”

“Your spirit has infinite access to develop into what you want to become. If it is fed the right way.”

“You have the choice to believe in yourself.”

“Grind your ass off, work, wake up the next day, grind your ass off, work, wake up the next day. That is the fuckin process right there.” Continue reading Beware Of Fake F*cks

Start Forgiving = Start Succeeding

“Forgiveness helps you to stay centered.”

“If you are trying to build yourself into something or if you have something to lose, you need forgiveness in your toolbox.”

“We all have a purpose, we all have a mission in life and if evening the score is something that is taking up headspace we are devoting less to achieving our mission.”

“Success is holding yourself to a higher standard and part of holding yourself to a higher standard is doing things others won’t.”

“When you set out on a vengeful mission to even the score you only move backwards.”

“Allowing what others have done to you to enter your dialogue is only hindering you and giving them power.”

“When you get through shit, it makes you tougher than a motherfucker.” Continue reading Start Forgiving = Start Succeeding

Trump, Race & Other Things We Shouldn’t Be Talking About

“I pay too many fuckin taxes to be a Democrat.”

“We have conditioned ourselves to be so locked into that little computer screen that social interaction has suffered.”

Just to have that spirit like ‘I’m alive motherfucker I’m working, I’m going somewhere’ I get excited just talking about it.”

“If I am willing to move at the speed of light and others are not, what does that say about my chances of being successful?”

“Most people when it comes to work have the ‘have to’ mentality. They don’t have the ‘want to’ mentality.”

“The lack of commitment drives the lack of urgency.”

“Do not sit and count another person’s money.” Continue reading Trump, Race & Other Things We Shouldn’t Be Talking About


“Most people just overthink themselves out of success.”

“If somebody else can do it, I know I can do it better.”

“Today is the day I start without all the answers.”

“There are detours all over this path.”

“There is a true relentlessness to fucking get it. No matter what I just fucking want it.”

“I don’t even give a shit what they pay me. I just understand the value of being active and speaking.”

“Embrace the long game.”

“If you are obsessed with accumulating tools in business, you will win.” Continue reading JUST DO IT… TODAY

How To Optimize Your Relationships

“You have talent and then if you don’t optimize it, it is your own fault.”

“Pay attention, over deliver and fucking kill it on your end because one day the mentor isn’t going to be there. You’re going to be the guy.”

“People don’t give you anything. They can give you an opportunity but its on you to be prepared to take advantage of the shit.”

“When you have your shit together, people want to be around you.”

“There is a difference between using someone and utilizing someone.”

“The vision drives the discipline.” Continue reading How To Optimize Your Relationships

THE Mental Strength Episode

“I stopped feeling like I was in prison when I started working toward something”

“What you’re working toward now may not be your end goal but it will help you get there.” 

“There are some amazing parts of business sometimes but its not like you riding a unicorn on a rainbow all the time”

“The more significant shit you are trying to do, the more significant your problems will be.”

“In business, money is the scorecard and you are worth whatever you are getting paid.”

“People want to run from responsibility and hope and pray that is going to happen. Nothing happens. We create our lives.”

“You need to be crazy enough to believe in yourself.” Continue reading THE Mental Strength Episode

STOP Letting Others Dictate Your Life

“How can someone else know what is best for me?” “Don’t suppress yourself for anyone.” “What we all have in common is that we wanted it more than anything and that is how we got here.” “You can make whatever you want to make of yourself with a level of focus.” “You disqualify yourself from being effective and able to lead when you believe you … Continue reading STOP Letting Others Dictate Your Life